Student Briefing 1 April

The key message for students from this briefing is to continue to stay at home but to keep in touch with friends; on social media but more importantly by speaking with them on the phone, or through a video link. It is important that although we have to physically distance from one another, we continue to maintain our friendships over the weeks and months as may be necessary.

I have been impressed by the way in which students have responded to attending a virtual school, working from home on phones or computers and keeping up with the work being set. It is important that they do what they can to keep up with the work so that when we return they are ready to continue at the same place in the course as everyone else. I have attached to this email an update on our approach to following up on non-engagement from students with the work being set, which I hope you will also find helpful to ensure your child stays in a good routine.

On the other hand, we recognise that working from home can be challenging, that is why following the Easter break we will introduce the following:

  • Years 7 and 8 – A more simplified timetable is attached that will lead to fewer pieces of working being set each day which should be more easily managed.
  • In Year 9 we will be shortly sending home a letter that confirms your child’s options choices. Following the Easter break they should only continue to complete work for the core subjects of English, maths and science alongside their choices for GCSEs.
  • In Year 10 it is important to try to continue with the course otherwise when students return, Year 11 will be even more challenging with so much content still to cover. We have asked our subject leaders to reduce the pace, in order that we endeavour to keep students at the same point on the specification. We will encourage students who are keeping up with the pace to explore topics in greater depth so that they are well placed to access higher tier assessments on their return.
  • For students in Year 11, particularly those who are going to continue to study A level we will be releasing transition material which will support a smooth move into the 6th form, wherever that might be. For those students who are moving to vocational courses at College we will no longer be setting work after Easter as they will have finished their GCSE courses. We are still unsure how final GCSE grades will be determined by the government but are in the final stages of determining our own predicted grades which will help inform this process.

We do not intend to set any work over Easter in order to allow students the time to catch-up as needed and to have some time to recuperate.

Although many students are managing to work well at home, we are concerned that a very small number are yet to complete any work, I have asked class teachers to follow this up with the students themselves to find out what is preventing them from doing any work and then to contact parents. We are keen to support you to ensure your child’s education does not suffer over the coming months and appreciate the support you are giving your child to ensure that this is the case.

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