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Farewell class of 2016


It seems but a short moment ago that you were all sitting on the Hellerup nervously waiting to start your journey at Catmose. There were many things about Catmose which were new to you; we were much bigger than your primary school, you knew only a few people and in each lesson you experienced a different teacher.  In the five years since that first day you’ve grown in confidence so that for many of you Catmose will seem smaller and your fellow students and staff have become more familiar and, with a bit of luck, a little friendlier as well.

What hasn’t changed are my hopes for you as individuals: that you are able fulfil your promise and have been able to gain the skills and knowledge you will need to thrive and grow in the adult world that many of you are so desperate to join.

Inevitably there has been a focus on your academic studies as the qualifications you gain will help determine what courses you study and ultimately what careers you forge; without them many doors to the future would remain closed.  I hope though that you have also gained from the opportunities available to you outside the classroom that will have given you the skills and breadth of outlook you will need in order to be successful in a job. We have offered trips and visits to the four corners of the world, sports teams, music groups, instrumental lessons, drama productions, public speaking competitions, the Duke of Edinburgh award, responsibility as prefects and a broad range of other activities, including through the electives programme. The qualifications you gain may well open the door to your future but it will be all of those other experiences that will get you into the building and up the stairs!

You will also have made some good friends who will be there when you need them most, whatever challenges and opportunities come your way in the future.

I therefore hope you leave Catmose as well qualified, resilient characters who are able to lead and work as a part of team with some key memories that will stay with you for the rest of your lives.

Best wishes


Stuart Williams




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