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Introducing Head girl and boy, Rebecca and Isaac


Rebecca Wensley – Headgirl


I have made so many memories throughout my time at Catmose College, both in school and out.  The opportunities given to me at College have been amazing. I have had the chance to learn so much academically, whilst also enjoying electives and trips.  The school itself is a fantastic learning environment, with a positive atmosphere during lessons, as well as during break time periods.  The new building has provided a great place to learn, and spend time with friends outside of lessons.  The members of staff at Catmose are so supportive of all the students, and provide help wherever and whenever it is needed.  Although the teachers push the students to reach their potential, there is no pressure to achieve beyond your best.  Over the last 4 years I have loved meeting new people and learning new things, and I know that I will never forget my time at Catmose.

I am currently fundraising for a trip to Ghana with Venture Force, in the autumn of 2014. As part of this trip we will be building an orphanage for some children living there. I am excited about this trip and have, so far, raised £1725 of the £1800 needed to fund flights and accommodation. This endeavour has helped me to demonstrate commitment. Fundraising has involved making afternoon tea and offering it for donations, and running competitions at local summer fairs, as well as cleaning wheelie bins! Through school, I have had access to the Duke of Edinburgh award; I have completed my Bronze Award and am presently working towards my Silver Award. This award helped to improve my teamwork skills and build resilience, along with the determination to keep going.

Outside of school, I am an active member of the community; having taken part in judo for a number of years and achieving my 8th Mon and orange belt at judo, I now volunteer at a local Judo club and help coach the younger judo players on a Saturday morning. I have achieved grade 3 piano and grade 2 ballet, modern and tap. As well as this, I also volunteer as a coach at a trampolining club in Corby every Tuesday and Friday evening. This involves supporting younger children as they develop their skills. I love coaching because it gives me the chance to see other people improve.  I recently attended a coaching course in Northampton which allows me to assist a higher level coach in training younger children. I also train for 4 hours a week. Coaching has given me a level of responsibility and allowed me to improve my people skills. I trampoline competitively and have gained bronze and gold medals at local and Regional competitions. In 2013 I took part in the Moonwalk in London, and walked 17 miles around Rutland Water as a fundraising endeavour for Ghana.

At school I enjoy Graphics, History and Spanish, all subjects that I chose to take for GCSE at the beginning of this year, and I also enjoy English. Although I did not choose to take art as a GCSE, I passed the Silver Arts Award in summer 2013, and thoroughly enjoyed taking part. Art is something I enjoy doing outside of school, and I would love to pursue it at AS Level. I have also taken part in many extra-curricular activities through school, such as a rock-climbing course and an English Speaking Union Public Speaking competition in the local area.

I independently organised my work experience, and will be working with and international architectural firm in Newark for a week in June. After completing Sixth Form I hope to attend university. For as long as I can remember I have wanted to go into architecture or interior design, but I also have a passion for photography. I would love to go into one of these fields in the future, but I haven’t made a final decision just yet.

Isaac Costa – Headboy

hbwebCatmose College and its entire staff have helped me tremendously during my time here; this is because they make it easy to ask for assistance. All doors to classrooms and offices are open at all times and a teacher will speak with you whenever you want to.  This is one of my favourite aspects of Catmose College; all teachers throughout the school are willing to help every individual achieve the best result that they can.  Catmose is great at giving students a variety of different options through GCSEs and the electives programme, which will then help us stand out in the future.   I believe that our teachers are like chameleons, as they adapt to whoever they are teaching, to improve students’ education.  I know that all teachers at Catmose College share this attribute.

I am an organised and yet outgoing person and my hobbies include:   Public Speaking  Karate  Music- Piano and saxophone  working in business(young enterprise)  acting- pantomimes in local village  working at local pub.    Throughout my years in Catmose I have achieved a variety of awards that include service to the school and best in selective subjects such as French, music, science, I.C.T and Art. I have also made sure that I use the school to its full potential by trying as many new things as possible. Recently I have taken part in: young enterprise; Ghana trip which I’ve raised all the money by getting a part time job; attending school council for three of the past four years I have been at the school and partaking in concerts such as the Christmas concert towards the end of last year.  I want to encourage people over a wide area and in the school that Catmose is a beacon of education and most importantly I want to be an ambassador for the school.

Open evening Speech – delivered by Rebecca and Isaac

Combined Open Evening Speech

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to Catmose College. My name is Isaac Costa, head boy at Catmose and on my right /left is Rebecca Wensley who is the head girl. Today we will be speaking about our time at Catmose however we believe that getting good grades in academic subjects are very important. But Catmose is so much more; it is a place of opportunities offering students a large selection of activities and events to take part in.

Over the last year, both Isaac and I have been fundraising for a trip to Ghana with 20 of our fellow students. Through independent fundraising we have learnt to manage our time, meet deadlines, and work hard to achieve our goals, and come up with creative ideas.

Every student going has managed to raise £1800. I personally went to any lengths to raise money. I even dressed up in a Peppa Pig suit at a fair on a boiling summer’s day but I still managed to raise a grand sum of £15.

I think that the whole group is looking forward to the trip, and it will be a wonderful experience. Through the same programme, the current year 9 students are raising money for their trip to Morocco in 2016, and I’m sure that future trips will be just as exciting. 

Trips such as these are offered to year 11’s however there are other trips offered to other years as well. Some larger trips include visits to: Spain, Germany and France.

Both Isaac and myself travelled to Spain earlier this year with the languages department and had a fantastic time; these trips are a great way for students to learn the language as well has enjoying cultural visits and spending time with their classmates out of school.

One rare item that Catmose offers over many other schools is the elective programme which I have exploited to its full potential by taking part in new sports, cultural and musical activities. One elective that I took part in was youth speaks. It has helped my confidence grow throughout the years and I believe I wouldn’t be up here today if it wasn’t for the opportunities offered to us by the elective programme. One of our most popular electives is the performance elective which Rebecca will explain in further detail.

As an arts college, Catmose takes pride in its musical performances, which are always of a very high standard.  During my time at Catmose College, I have had the opportunity to join the cast of the incredibly successful performances over the last few years. The shows not only allowed me to gain skills in performing arts, but also to develop confidence in performing in front of large crowds and my involvement in the musicals also allowed me to interact with other year groups.

Not only does the college offer the chance to take part in the show as a lead actor or dancer, but students are given the opportunity to contribute behind the scenes, perhaps creating props, or teaching choreography, or even working as part of the tech team, providing lighting and sound for every single show.


Let’s not forget the school band who works hard to learn pieces of music and chords good enough to match the talent of our actors and technicians.

Catmose has amazing music facilities so if you have a musically oriented child then Catmose offers lessons for all ages. I have my silver scholarship in piano which entitles me to 50% off lessons and I have earned this by taking part in Jazz band which develops your improvisation skills, performing in concerts and having completed grade 6 pianos. I even got the opportunity to accompany our teachers when they did their grade 1 challenge, it was quite nerve wracking as someone else was relying on me to get them a good grade.

In year nine, through the college, I, along with a group of my peers, and now, closest friends, made the decision to begin the Duke of Edinburgh. And, after some horrendous map-reading, we all completed the bronze, and eventually, silver DofE. Had Catmose not introduced me to the award, I wouldn’t have known how to get involved in the Duke of Edinburgh, and probably wouldn’t have made it this far in terms of my qualification. Throughout the course of the weekend there were lots of laughter, and even a few tears, but we all gained a lot of experience alongside qualities such as resilience and teamwork.

Our house point system is split into 4 houses. This encourages students from all years to take part in a range of friendly competition which I try to take part in as often as I can. One type of competition the college promotes is termly competition by the Heller up staircase with a theme ranging from talent shows to dance competitions. It is a great way to bring the whole school together as they laugh with you and cheer people on. My favourites are the talent shows as it demonstrates the amazing skill we have at Catmose and we even had a set of 3 teacher judges.

Speaking of competition, sports day is another great opportunity for the houses to gain points and compete against each other for the house cup.

I really enjoyed sports day as I was able to take part in the long jump and races, suffice to say, I came close in some events but throughout the day everyone I spoke to was very enthusiastic and the opening ceremony lifted everyone’s spirits as the House captains gave their speeches and the performers and dancers lifted the mood.

Both Isaac and I have studied at Catmose for 4 years now, and they have been some of the best years of my life. As we come to the end of our time at Catmose, and head towards our exams, I think I speak for both of us when I say that we will always remember our time at this school and the people in it.

Thank you for listening.


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