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How Year 7 have settled into Catmose

My first day at Catmose – as described by Year 7 students

“My first few days at Catmose have been rather brilliant. On my first day I was really nervous as I had come from a very small village school to a huge and strange secondary school. But when I went home that afternoon I was bubbling to tell my family of how much of good day I’d had.”

“I’ve made lots of friends already and luckily I’ve handed in all of homework on time. Also, I’ve been involved in lots of different activities already including a Rutland Water leadership day (called Rock Block) with my form and had a totally fab day! I also took part in a tester go for the netball team. The majority of teachers I’ve met so far are never boring, always make each lesson fun and will listen and try to help with any problems. Even though all the lessons are very good and fun, my favourite subjects are Drama, D&T (cooking).”

“Altogether my first few weeks at Catmose have been very exciting and entertaining and I’m looking forward to all the new challenges and activities for me to do in the future!”

“At the end of the day, I was exhausted; scoring 8.0 in the bleep test and getting out Wuthering Heights in the library, I felt pretty chuffed. When I came back the next day, the building felt smaller and the next, and the next. It felt the more I got to know the college, the smaller it got.

“Working as a team is ESSENTIAL in Catmose. I still have a lot more to learn. CATMOSE IS AMAZING! (and by the time I get to Year 11 I am most likely going to be able to read Ulysses as the teachers are so supportive and helpful).”


“My first day at Catmose College was amazing, I saw loads of amazing people and teachers. My first
lesson was English with Mrs Gonda. I then had class with Mr Mullinger, he is actually very funny! I could go on and on but I loved my first day at Catmose and everything about it.”


“When I walked in to Catmose I felt scared but my friend made me happy. When I put my new uniform on I did not struggle but trying to put the tie on it took me a while but I can do it now.  All the lessons have been fun and my favourite has to be either art or science. I am really looking forwards to the electives to try out loads of things. I really want to achieve getting good marks.”


“The first few days at Catmose College were amazing, fun and extremely exciting. Sometimes I got a bit lost, however everyone wants to help – staff and students. Nevertheless, after the first couple of days we knew our way around like we had been here for years. Since I started at Catmose, I have learnt loads, I have really enjoyed all my lessons and overall, I LOVE CATMOSE!”


“I have had a great time here at Catmose College. It has been great fun and I am looking forward to what I have to come in the next five years. I have been getting on with a lot of people and I have some good friends too, I have lost a few things and gained a few things. My favourite subject is French even though, I said at the start of the year I hate French. It goes to show that Catmose can make a big impact on your learning experience. I have had great fun at Catmose over these two weeks.”


“All the teachers at Catmose are very nice. Since I have started at the school, all the students and teachers have been very welcoming. Although I have only been at the school for about 2 weeks, it feels like I have been here my whole life. Furthermore Catmose is a great school, because it has all the facilities needed, including ipads to research on, computers, a library with plenty of books, and many more.”


“My first week at Catmose has been great, although it felt like a big step up from primary school. I’ve done science with Mr Kerley, history with Mr Reid and music with Mr Donnelly. I’ve had lots of home-work such as geography, drama and history, I have worked hard to keep on top of my homework. I really think that Catmose will help me fulfil my potential, and I will always try to work hard to achieve this.”




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