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Year 11 Destinations


I met with Year 11 yesterday to talk about their plans once they leave us in just a few short weeks.  I’ve been impressed with this year group because they have been so well prepared  for our individual meetings regarding their post-16 plans and GCSE predictions.  They all knew what grades they were aiming for and had well-thought-through plans that were aspirational but achievable regarding their post-16 education.

I wanted, however, to reinforce with them the need to remain flexible;  the plans they have now may well need to change as they continue to grow and develop or perhaps because of external factors beyond their control.  They need to ensure that the courses and providers they choose now keep their options open and allow them the flexibility they will need in the future.  In particular, they should see the courses they have chosen as a stepping stone to employment or university and their choices need to be ones that do not close a future career path.  For example, ensuring they continue to study at least two of academic subjects if they are considering university.

Finally, I reinforced the need to ensure they did not simply aim for the entry requirement of their post-16 provider but ensured that they gained the highest possible grades in GCSE to ensure that they are in a strong position for university and job applications.

The range of providers that students from Catmose attend is broad and reflects the different needs they have.  It is therefore really important that they have ensured that where they plan to attend will meet their needs now and in the future.

destinations CC 11 13

When making a decision on which provision to attend post-16, it is important that students and parents look at not only how well students perform (2013 results here) but also where students progress to after completing their courses.  The following chart demonstrates this but precludes CBECs Rutland County College and the Melton Vale provision as this information is not available from the Department for Education for 2011.

HE Destinations from post 16 2011


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