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New Technology and Physics


The use of new technology at the College is a topic I have written about on a number of occasions (new technology, video wall, ipads).  This year my new Year 10 Physicists have experienced some of the latest developments in this field with the use of a drone to illustrate how motion graphs can be used to analyse the speed of an object.  We are trying a new approach this year with a website being used to share notes, homework and resources instead of a text book and notes copied from the board. This gives us more time to develop our understanding of the more difficult topics in greater detail and make greater use of practical physics in order to better understand the applied elements of the course. To better see how this works in practice click through to have a look at the lesson on motion graphs using the drone, here.

The website, aptly titled ‘hard physics’ aims to make a subject that is sometimes thought to be difficult much more accessible and engaging.  It can be accessed at

Feynman made famous the following demo regarding conservation of energy, it looks dangerous but in fact is perfectly safe provided you trust in Newton’s laws!


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