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Humanities and Languages 2013


Humanities and Modern Foreign Languages

S McGrath (Team Leader)

There have been many positive and exciting developments this year.

Outstanding GCSE exam results in History and Philosophy & Ethics again this year, and, in spite of more rigorous marking we have maintained our place in the other subject areas.  Larger numbers of students than ever before have selected our subjects for GCSE and we have now added another 17 sets to the 12 we were already running for present yr 11.  It is both rewarding and humbling to have so many students wishing to study in our area.

We have successfully adapted our schemes of work for KS3 to take into account the linear exam structure.  For our present year 10 we are proposing to deliver the IGCSE course in MFL as we believe this will enable greater numbers of our students to achieve their target grades and remove the emphasis on coursework.

The academic year 2013-14  sees us helping to train 2 Student Direct teachers, Jenny Jacobs in Humanities and Corrie Wiik in MFL. Both had a successful induction period with us at the end of the 2012-13 academic year and are now embarking on their training in situ.   This is an exciting challenge for us all.  We also have two NQTs joining the team, Fliss McPeake in Geography and Tors Millikin in Spanish.  We look forward to them successfully completing their initial year.

In the last academic year we were able to widen the learning experience of our students through an extensive range of trips, both residential and day.  As these were successful and popular we are once again offering our residential trips to France and Spain, the Battlefields trip, and Kingswood and this year we will add a trip to Berlin for German & History students. Our programme of day trips will again be offered and to this we have added two Geography trips for year 7.


To further enhance the learning experience of our students we have taken groups to a Languages day at UCC, where the students were given the opportunity to learn Chinese and to Nottingham University’s History Department where they were given a seminar on the causes of World War One and went on a tour of the campus.

Within school we have started a History club for KS3 students held after school which examines aspects of history not covered in the curriculum.  Our year 7 French students made a two minute film about why they wished to go to France and this came second in the FrancoBritish Council Film competition, a wonderful first attempt.


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