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Science Team Review 2013



N Mentzel (Team Leader)

Last academic year saw the most successful Science week to date with a number of exciting Space themed workshops, trips and events. During Science lessons, students designed and built materials to aid a journey into space while learning about the Space Race in History and the International Space Station in French.

Year eight students were able to learn about the Solar System and the life cycle of a star in the National Space Centre’s ‘Star Dome’, an inflatable planetarium containing a series of projected images allowing a rare close up view of the depths of Space.

2012 12 03 Ping Pong DSC_1784

Year Seven visited the Leicester Space station where they were able to interact with the exhibits and learn all about the universe. The planetarium presentation, ‘The Life of an Astronaut’ taught students what the astronauts have to go through during their training and the pressures of being in space on the human body.

Footage from 37km above the Earth were captured when students launched a weather balloon equipped with temperature, pressure and UV sensors. This was supported by visitors from Southampton University who helped students experiment with the cameras and a 30ft balloon!


During tutorial, students and staff were treated to a parachute display with the display team landing bang on target, on the school field.

Year Seven groups took part in a Science fair, each class researching a scientific concept and producing a project including a practical to try to make it through to the presentation stage. Students created displays of their work which were set up in the theatre and presented to a panel judges. The quality of work was high and the decision was difficult as many students had worked extremely hard on their project.

During the Easter holiday, a team of four Year 10 students attended the Extreme Physics competition at Stowe School. This residential trip put their knowledge, creativity and team work to the test in a series of physics challenges and a research project which was presented to all the other schools in attendance. Our team won a number of rosettes throughout the weekend and achieved an impressive second place overall.

Sci Whitner

Well done to all of the students who took part in the Science activities last year. Look out for upcoming Science competitions and events for 2013-14.


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