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English Team Review 2013



R Stapleton (Team Leader)

The English Team created a buzz by re-introduced a traditional Spelling Bee, in which nominated Year 7s competed for prestige and prizes. Euan Holmes and Zoe Chamberlain were the victors. Due to its resounding success, this will be spread to the rest of Key Stage 3 in the year ahead.  In March, Key Stage 3 pupils enjoyed World Book Day, which was celebrated with students in vibrant character costumes from their favourite works. Year 9 participated in an inspiring and moving poetry workshop from acclaimed author Andrew Peters, strengthening their skills ready for GCSE. Congratulations went to all those entered the KS3 Rotary Young Writers competition, most especially to Peter Amor, who was highly commended and went on to the next round. Emily Topping likewise achieved success in a regional creative writing competition.

image 3

As ever, our collaborative success at the Youth Speaks competition is a point of note, with special credit to a team led by Yaznia Pourmozafari and supported by Gemma Gregory, both from Year 8, and Year 9’s Tom Law.


For Year 9, a great new Scheme of Work on Julius Caesar was introduced, making good use of our breakout spaces to explore dramatic moments in crowd scenes.  An impressive 57 students across Years 9-11 travelled to see Othello at the National Theatre, benefitting from exploratory acting workshops led by cast.

Students in Year 8-9 benefitted from a tailor-made intervention programme, delivered by the highly experienced tutor Tom Ray, in small group to maximise progress.

In Team developments, we now have 3 staff accredited to teach the popular IGCSE course, with further involvement underway to maximise students’ pathways.


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