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DSP Team Review 2013


Designated Special Provision

H Williams (Team Leader)

2012 – 2013 was a year of further development for the DSP, in particular through the musical performance of college’s ‘We Will Rock You’ both on stage and behind the scenes.   Individual DSP students grew in confidence and went on trips with mainstream students to France.  These are just two of many examples of how the students have gained independence and become fully involved in college life.

A highlight of the year was the first DSP trip with the entire DSP cohort visiting the Imperial War Museum at Duxford linking to a new scheme of work during Term 6 on ‘Flight’.  Students displayed exceptionally excellent behaviour and took part fully in all activities.  Following the trip, the DSP students and staff were lucky enough to have a talk from a 93 year old war veteran Dr Arthur Courtenay Saunders to give greater insight into being a pilot during WW2.


Before the New Year, a termly tracker was introduced in order for the team to be able to closely monitor student progress and immediately initiate affective intervention.  This also enabled the Key Worker to support their students more effectively and create more specific and relevant IEPs.

GCSE, BTEC and vocational options were offered formally for the first time this year.  In order for parents/guardians and students to make more informed decision concerning options, an Options Evening and booklet for DSP students were put into operation allowing for appropriate support and guidance.  This ensured that all students are able to access a full and balanced curriculum tailored to their strengths and their needs at the start of Key Stage 4.



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