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The Maths and ICT Team Review


Maths and ICT

R Wardhaugh (Team Leader)

Once again, we entered 120 year 7 and 8 students into the Junior Maths Challenge. As this is a national competition, it is a great achievement to have 54 students receive bronze, silver or gold certificates for their efforts.

The ICT team have had a busy year as they have successfully introduced the Computer Science GCSE. This is being run alongside the original option ICT choice so there is now a choice of ICT courses available. Computer Science offers many things including the use of coding such as binary, Visual Basic and Python.

Team teaching within the maths/ICT team has been developed and strengthened this year. We have shared our ideas and good practice and this has had a significant impact both on staff and students, creating a greater variety of teaching methodologies. The team, led by myself have also been following the Cognitive Acceleration in Mathematical Education course. Inspired by the use of different approaches to learning maths we are piloting a new program with year 7 this year which involves teaching without using a text book. The team are developing their questioning skills and creativity within the classroom to help students develop their thinking and processing skills while building up their ability to learn independently.

Our biggest success of the year is the GCSE maths results which were the best ever achieved at Catmose. Intervention was carried out during the College day and after. Students were chosen carefully for these sessions so it would have the biggest impact. The team were also innovative in the way entries we made. There were different entries made throughout the year and dual entries made to maximise achievement and give students the opportunity to reach their full potential. This innovation motivated students and gave them the confidence to push for the highest grades possible, as did our flexible grouping arrangements.

I am proud of the team for all the hard work they put in last year and I am looking forward to the new challenges this year will bring.

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