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Introducing our new Head boy and girl, William and Francesca


Every year I look forward to the process by which the senior students of the College will be chosen; it gives me a great opportunity to get to know better some of our most able and talented students.

The selection process is rigorous; to apply they must:

  • submit a letter of application outlining their experiences and attributes which make them most suitable for the post.
  • provide a video of themselves either performing or otherwise demonstrating their ability to engage with an audience.
  • complete an on-line questionnaire which asks about their academic performance, attendance and commitment to the College ethos.

Many students also ask staff to write references which are also very helpful in the process.

Georgia Farr’s video, which can be viewed below, demonstrates very aptly the range and quality of the skills and aptitudes the candidates for this post need to demonstrate.  I was very pleased to appoint her to one of the most senior positions.

Those that successfully complete this stage are interviewed by me and Mrs Townsend; in the interview we focus on their leadership skills, contribution to the wider College life and public speaking ability. The interviews are crafted around each candidate’s particular strengths and weaknesses as the video, their letter and questionnaire will all reveal different aspects that we will want to explore in greater depth. This means for some candidates we will focus more on their academic performance and for others on their plans for the future. We ensure however that across all of the information we receive about each candidate that we have a full picture of their various talents and skills. Then begins one of the most difficult aspects of my work, selecting the Head Boy and Head Girl; for difficulty, this ranks alongside selecting a Vice Principal, as the field is inevitably very strong and I am only able to make the two appointments when in reality all of the candidates could fulfil the requirements of the post.

This year was no different but we finally settled on William Alexander and Francesca Kennard Kettle. They both displayed wide-ranging involvement in the College outside of lessons, proven leadership experience and a commitment to improve the College for all.

William is aiming for an A* in every subject at GCSE, he was a finalist in a national poetry competition, received a distinction in the silver arts award, successfully completed the CREST silver science award and has contributed to a number of musical events not least playing the piano for the Schools Will Rock You production. He is also a keen sportsman, with swimming, watersports and cycling being his chosen fields. As part of his Duke of Edinburgh Award he raised nearly £800 for cancer research.

Francesca is also aiming for A* in every subject. She is a sports ambassador for the College and Vice Captain of the Rutland Rockets Netball team. Her entrepreneurial spirit and generosity was aptly demonstrated  during her work to raise funds in order to travel to Ghana to help build an orphanage; on two occasions she has won the annual award for ‘contribution to the College’.  As a music scholar, she plays both the piano and flute to a high level and was one of the lead dancers in Schools Will Rock You.

The Head Boy and Head Girl are supported in their work by the Deputies: Eleanor Firth, Jenna-Marie Charlton, Toby Proctor and Kieren Newman.


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