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Year 7, Impressions after their first week at the College


Our new year 7 students have been writing about their experiences at the College after their first week, they started the week a little nervous but end it excited and looking forward to the opportunities on offer at the College. It is particularly pleasing to hear them talk about making so many new friends, their favourite lessons, sporting opportunities and music. They are also rising to the challenge of our expectations in respect of homework, doing their best and showing pride in their school. They have already become members of our community by contributing to its wider life and seizing the many opportunities on offer here.

The following quotes are typical examples of what students in year 7 are saying about their first week at the College:

“As I approached Catmose on my first day, I started to get a range of feelings. It was excitement and fear all wrapped up in one emotion. As well as that I came from a school with only one other person, I was basically on my own.

Later on I got into my main classroom, I realised that there was nothing to be scared of because Catmose is just like a big, I mean huge happy family. As are third lesson approached us I felt so welcome and I knew that Catmose was the perfect school for me.”

“My first week at Catmose has been great! I am surprised how quick the days have gone. I was quite scared on my first day but lets not go into that! Getting used to it has been a lot easier than I thought it would be. Our first lesson was ICT, which was really good as it gave us an insight of how the e-mail system worked. The rest of the day went extremely fast after that which amazed me. Although my day was great, the only bad thing was that I missed the bus on the way home, which was entirely my fault, as I looked at the wrong number on my bus pass! I got home in the end though. 

 The lessons I have enjoyed so far have been: ICT, maybe P.E, definitely art, Music and science; because we got to use Bunsen burners. I am so glad I chose to come to this school, as so far the time has been great! Also, another thing I’ve enjoyed this week has been getting my Ipad as it is truly amazing. The week has gone extremely quick, in fact it is quite freaky how the time passes in such a way! I have actually found getting to lessons quite easy.

The dinners have been exceptionally tasty. My favourite meal so far has been the pasta bake, which is brilliant. I also enjoyed the cottage pie and the quiche. To sum it up, the dinners are the best ones ever! 

 So far, the best lesson has been the music, as I have never experienced anything like it before. The programme we are using has some brilliant sounds on. Our teacher (Mr Barlow) had created a brilliant sound track using the software.

 Catmose college has basically amazed me in the first week, ensuring that we have a great time at the school.”

“When I was starting secondary I was a little fish in a big pond. So it was very daunting but now I think why was it so daunting? It has been really fun and enjoyable.

 My favourite subject is maths and PE. So I really like Catmose.”

“My first days at Catmose were fun! It was interesting looking around College, not being the tallest around and there is so much more homework! I’m trying to get used to it. I hope you all had as much fun as I did!”

“Well my first week went really well. I had a good time in my lessons. I’ve made lots of new friends in my form.

 On the first day I was a little bit nervous but as the week went on I got more used to the College, the lessons and the homework. 

 Also I think there are lots of opportunities for the electives and I would really like to do horse riding!”

“I think this college is amazing and any person who comes here is extremely lucky.”

“The first week here has been good. The best lesson has either been PE or music.

I’ve been doing football on Monday and Wednesday and I hope I have been picked for the team to play Belvoir High School next Wednesday.”

“I have loved my first full week of school it has been brilliant making new friends, exploring around the school. I have loved it. 

I have made three awesome new friends Ben, Rufus and Oli. I would definitely have to say that so far my favourite lesson would be music where we mixed and looped tunes it was mega. But if I had to pick a top three of my favourite lessons it would be Music, P.E. and then ICT. I think that all the facilities are mega and that this College is most probably the best in Britain.”


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