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Uniform – pride in ourselves and the College


Boys’ uniform

At Catmose we believe wearing a college uniform marks you out as someone who is proud to be a member of our community.  Our uniform, with its prominent badge and distinctive tie ensures that our students are immediately recognisable when representing the College or going to and from school. The fact it is so distinctive means that our students are remembered and the reputation of the College is enhanced by the way in which they go about their business. The College is rightly judged by the actions of the people who represent it and we all benefit from such a positive reputation; the next time you apply for a job or for a sixth form, being a member of Catmose College will be an advantage because of the positive efforts of so many students in the past. We have significant numbers of students who volunteer in the local community or represent the College at sporting, music, performance and academic competitions; each time they do so in their uniform the reputation of everybody else at the College is enhanced.

What you wear is an important first impression when meeting someone for the first time, whether a visitor to the College or someone who is interviewing you for a job or a place at their sixth form; a uniform worn with pride makes a very positive first impression and gives you an advantage over other candidates.

The College uniform is also a preparation for later working life; it is a very rare job where a dress code is not expected, it may be the dark suit I wear each day or a military uniform or the overalls within a workshop but inevitably your employer will have expectations about what you wear and how you wear it. When you put on your college uniform you clearly do not change as a person but it is a helpful way to prepare yourself for study and in your own mind create a clear line between you as a private individual and that of you as a student at the College. A smart appearance demonstrates a pride in your appearance and self-discipline which is important for success at college.

Girls Uniform

Girls’ uniform

Our uniform policy is designed to be affordable, smart and comfortable whilst allowing a degree of choice which allows students to demonstrate their individuality. We worked very closely with students and their parents when we chose it to ensure it was something that the majority would welcome. It is not, however, designed to be fashionable and short skirts, makeup, dyed hair and excessive jewellery are all unacceptable and will always be challenged by staff. We advise parents that if they are unsure about a particular item of clothing to consult our uniform policy or contact client services for advice before purchasing it. If parents or guardians are finding the cost of uniform difficult to meet please contact client services as we are usually able to offer support if it is needed.

We know how much parents also value our uniform policy and appreciate the support they offer the College in ensuring it is followed. We will keep parents informed if we have concerns about a student’s dress and may ask a student to go home if is safe to do so and the problem can be rectified quickly. We may also withdraw students from lessons if their dress or appearance is inappropriate and will work with parents to ensure the issue is rectified quickly. Parents and guardians have a critical role in ensuring our policy is followed by not allowing their children to leave home in anything that does not conform with our uniform. The policy from September includes a stricter policy on the wearing of skirts and we appreciate the support of parents in helping to implement this.

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