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Well done Y11


Well done to year 11 for all their hard work, yesterday was a tremendous day with much to celebrate, arguably our best ever set of results. There were 27 students who achieved at least 7 A/A* grades or their equivalent, a tremendous achievement and an improvement on last year.

Allen, Jennifer 14, Arnold, Lydia 7, Bond, Rebecca 9, Boulton-Smith, Max 12, Brown, Philippa 11, Coddington, Laura 10, Coles, James 8, Cotton, Lauren 12, Crankshaw, Jack 7, Duffin, Sophie 7, Evans, Alice 13, Green, Keera 8, Gwyther, Philip 10, Holt, Matthew 10, Leeman, Ciaran 7, Lyons, Oliver 11, McKay, Daniel 10, Neal, Nicole 9, Oakley, Samuel 10, Pearse, Emily Jayne 11, Petterson, Tara 11, Ramsey, Jack 7, Rhys-Williams, Timothy 7, Shaw, Anna 11, Tang, Yun-Nee 8, Waterman, Ryan 13, Worrall, Sophie 7.

There were 15 subjects which improved their A*-C pass rate, the overall 5 A*-C rate rises to 89%, an improvement of about 3% on last year. A/A* grades are at 27% compared with 25% last year, A*-C grades at 88% compared to 84% last. The average of the best 8 grades has risen from 347, to 356 points and total average points by a similar amount.

We placed a great deal of emphasis on improving science and mathematics subjects this year and both have risen to their best ever results. Philosophy and Ethics students achieved 80% A/A* grades alongside a 100% pass rate, History 51% A/A* and 88% pass rate, French 30% A/A* and 90% pass rate. In the key benchmark of 5A* – C including English and maths we achieved 60%, a slight decline on last year but reflecting the national picture.



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