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Post 16 – HE Destinations from local providers


In the last week the department for education ( has published for the first time data regarding the destinations of students from different institutions. The data presented is from 2009/2010 but it does give for the first time allow progression to be compared in a different way to examination results. I know many students at Catmose are already considering where they should study post-16 and this information may prove useful alongside examination results to guide their decision. I would always recommend however that students and their parents visit the different schools or colleges, preferably on a normal working day, before making any final decision. I have summarised the data for the providers our students usually choose to allow progression to HE (university) and the Russell group universities to be compared. Unfortunately data for CBEC’s provision at Rutland County College is not available (the provision is too new) nor has data from the independent sector from schools such as Oakham and Uppingham. If you think this information is useful I am sure these providers would be able to provide the same information which is usually held internally.



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