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A very fond farewell to the Class of 2012


To the Class of 2012,
It is has been but a few short years since you joined the College; on that first day many of you felt nervous and worried about moving to the College. You were worried about making friends, getting on with teachers and even finding your way round the building. I am proud that each and every one of you have had a memorable five years and contributed much to our college that will be remembered for many years to come.

I look at you now, as you are about to take the next steps and know that some you will be nervous once again. I am confident however whether you have chosen an FE College, a sixth form school or to start the first steps into employment you will be successful. Catmose above all else is about preparing you for your future, you are ready and you will succeed; don’t doubt it for a moment.

I have wonderful memories of each of you; those who have made me laugh, a few who caused me considerable worry but all have made me proud to be your principal. You are uniquely a year made up of many distinct individuals but you are also one of the most supportive team of people I have worked with. This is characterised by the support you have given each other through the hard times. It is not when times are easy that we measure our worth but when things are at their most difficult, in this respect you are peerless.

As you leave Catmose for the last time, please take the time to appreciate where you are and whom you are with. Let your friends and teachers know how much you have enjoyed being here and how much you appreciate their efforts. No one can predict where life will take you, but I hope your experiences at Catmose will have given you the skills and values that will help you through the good times and the bad.
I have been extremely proud to be your principal over the past four years. I will think of you often and fondly recall your time here. Please stay in touch, it is always a highlight of the day when an alumnus of the College visits.

Best wishes,

Stuart Williams
Catmose College




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