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Refraction, the bending of light demonstrated by students


This year, with the move to the new building completed, I have taken the opportunity to return to teaching Physics. I am fortunate to be teaching a group of very able year 10 students studying the triple science option a course which is a great foundation for A level Physics and for many a degree within the science disciplines.

I am a great believer in practical science work and getting students actively involved in the lesson, this week we took the opportunity to use the space of the hellerup to demonstrate the refraction of light and why it seems to bend when passing through a substance such as glass. Refraction is the reason why objects look shorter when submerged in water and why we see rainbows when sun light shines through rain drops.

This short video clip of the class demonstrates how the slowing of light as it enters a different material causes it to bend. The short YouTube clip of how this phenomena is exploited in fibre optics was was a good way for students to prepare for the inevitable examination question that was to follow!


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