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Post 16 provision: the need for objective data


There has been considerable debate in the local press recently regarding post-16 provision. Catmose College has a completely neutral position on this issue, only wanting the very best provision for our students which allows them to continue making the excellent progress they have at the College. We aim to provide impartial, objective information for our students and their parents in order that they can make the best possible decision regarding their post-16 future. The choice of post-16 provider is a difficult one as there is no standard measure of success, different institutions choose particular results which show themselves in the best possible light.

This year for the first time, the government however has published results for every post-16 provider in the Country, it is this data the College has shared with our parents and students believing that although it is not comprehensive it at least allows a fair comparison to be made. This data is not collated by Catmose College but by the department for education, it is therefore objective and non-partisan and at least until providers publish a full range of examination results perhaps the best way for parents and students to compare the different institutions.

We have published the table of local providers previously but the link below is to the department for education website and can be used by students and parents to sort the providers on different performance measures to form their own views.

The College makes no judgement on the quality of the provision at any of these providers, that is something best done by others. We only wish students and parents to have as much information as possible in order to inform what is such a crucial decision. We would always advise parents and students to visit potential providers during a normal working day, to look at extra-curricular activities and what support is given for university and job applications alongside examination results.

The link to the performance tables is here: DFE League Tables.

The link to the article about the RCC scrutiny panel is here: Rutland County Council Post-16 Scrutiny Panel.

The response to CBEC’s letter in the Rutland times is here: Response to Casterton.

Michael Gove’s interview, which includes a question from Catmose College students’ is here: Michael Gove

The College is committed to ensuring post-16 provision for our students is at least as strong as what is on offer 11-16 and will continue to work with parents to ensure that this is the case.

Stuart Williams




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