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Admissions Policy (from September 2013) Consultation Feedback


The College’s consultation on admissions from September 2013 has now been completed, thank you if you were able to respond your feedback was crucial in helping to shape the final policy. This feedback is guidance only and should not be used to determine whether your child will gain a place at the College or not. The full policy can be found in the admissions part of our website or by clicking here: Admissions Policy Sept 2013 final.

The consultation involved publishing the draft policy on our website, our current local feeder schools were informed through two newsletters and the local authorities of Leicestershire and Rutland have also been involved. All parents have been written to and I discussed the policy with our student council. We also met with the two other Rutland Colleges, Uppingham Community College and Casterton Business and Enterprise College.

There were 163 formal responses to the consultation, of those, 68% were from parents, 3% from prospective parents, 5% from students, 24% from staff and 1% from another local school (Catmose Primary).

The responses came from a representative sample of our catchment, 45% from Oakham, 13% from Melton Mowbray, 9% from Whissendine, 7% from Langham, 3% from Cottesmore and 8% from the range of other villages we currently admit students from.

In respect of the selection criteria we consulted on, the following responses were given by those who completed the survey:

  • Sibling link – 93% Agree or Strongly Agree, 6% Disagree or Strongly Disagree, 1% unsure.
    • Respondents thought this was a fair way to allocate places as it would help to continue positive relationships already developed between home and college. It was also felt that it was important for logistical reasons for example getting children to multiple schools can be very difficult.
    • Given the overwhelming support for this as the first criteria, the governors chose to adopt it.
  • Catmose Primary Feeder – 68% Agree or Strongly Agree, 19% Disagree or Strongly Disagree, 13% unsure.
    • Those in favour of this link are characterised by this response, “Catmose College has an incredibly strong partnership with Catmose Primary, both the staff at the college and the pupils of the primary have forged strong links to ease the transition to secondary school. The Principal of the college is also the Principal at the primary and as such there is an expectation from the children that they will progress to Catmose College. It would be grossly unfair if they were not given a priority. The transition work by Catmose College staff, Primary staff and pupils would be in vain. Much can be learnt from the close ties between the two Catmose schools which can be shared with other schools to improve transition for all primary children within the local area.”
    • Those who disagreed with this proposal argued that Catmose Primary should be classed exactly the same as other feeder schools within the county.
    • The governors made the decision that the specific links between Catmose Primary and the expectations of children who attend there as a result of this to join the College outweighed the arguments against. Catmose Primary is also consulting on its admissions policy from September 2013 which it is proposed will prioritise children who live most locally to it, this will ensure Oakham children will continue to have priority under this criteria in the medium term. The vast majority of children who currently attend the Primary school live very closely to the College and so any negative impact of this criteria on other children is minimised.
  • Staff link – 80% Agree or Strongly Agree, 16% Disagree or Strongly Disagree, 4% unsure.
    • A number of respondents felt  that when a child of a teacher attends their school (as opposed to attending private schools for example) it shows the teacher believes in the quality of education at the school. Therefore  teachers should be given priority to allow them to bring their child to the school they work at.
    • Those against this proposal felt that teacher’s children should have no particular priority over other children, particularly if they did not live locally to the College.
    • The governor’s chose to adopt this criteria believing it will enable the College to better recruit and retain high quality staff, who if their children also attend, will have a considerable additional stake in the future success of the College.
  • Distance – 87% Agree or Strongly Agree, 8% Disagree or Strongly Disagree, 5% unsure.
    • This was perceived by respondents as being the fairest way of determining the remaining places at the College, prioritising those children who live most locally and was adopted by the governors as the final criteria.
The College Governing Body has therefore formally adopted the draft policy which will come into effect for those applying for admission from September 2013, the College’s current policy will remain in place until then for all admissions.
Stuart Williams
Catmose College


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