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Routines for Learning


At Catmose we pride ourselves on a college which is happy, calm and purposeful, which offers staff and students opportunities to reach their potential through mutual respect. We know that our students are brought up well, know how they should behave, are respectful of their environment and each other. They are fortunate to have parents who support the College’s vision of ensuring every student leaves Catmose with the skills, aptitudes and qualifications needed for them to be successful.

In order to support staff and students we have developed with them ‘routines for learning’ which reinforce these expectations:

  1. Enter the classroom calmly as agreed with your class teacher.
  2. Appropriate equipment should be out at the start of each lesson, including homework diaries, with bags under the tables.
  3. Actively help to maintain a positive learning environment.
  4. Aim to reach your target level in every lesson by completing work to the best of your ability.

On the rare occasions a student falls short of our expectations their teacher will offer support using one or more of these strategies:

  • changing where the student normally sits in the classroom;
  • asking them to step outside the class room for a few minutes to discuss the issues which are preventing their progress;
  • arranging for ‘catch up’ ¬†during break or lunch, or at the end of the College day;
  • setting additional homework in order that work is completed to their target level;
  • asking them to work in another class where they will be able to focus more on their studies;
  • passing information to their form tutor in order to elicit further support, for example, lesson reports, individual behaviour plan or a pastoral support plan which will involve outside agencies.

The support of parents is crucial; teachers will make contact, by telephone or email to keep parents informed in order they are able to support our aim to ensure all students are successful.

If ultimately a student or their parents are unable to support our ethos we will offer them help in order to secure a place at a school which better matches their aspirations.

We have developed a number of policies on this matter which can be found here:

I welcome conversations on this matter (or any other) with parents, staff and students in order that our ethos and expectations are clear to all.


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