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Aiming high: Throwing the Javelin


Our aim, every lesson, is to ensure that students are able to make excellent progress, to understand what they have accomplished and what they need to improve further. I was fortunate to observe such a lesson last week when Mr Husbands, our team leader for sport was teaching a group of year 7 students how to throw the javelin. In only an hour they had moved from hardly ever having touched one to being able to throw it tens of metres and give their friend’s advice on improving their technique.

The lesson began with a students being shown short video clips of championship javelin throwers, this was used to lead into students assessing their current performance with the javelin and setting themselves personal targets for the lesson. We then practised the techniques we had seen on the video using the a shuttle cock (much safer than the javelin) before Mr Husbands gave further advice on how to use the javelin safely. The highlight of this advice was Mr Husband’s explaining the technique his grandmother uses for feeding ducks!

Students then took turns to either throw the javelin or asses their friends performance, as people grew more confident they made short video clips in order to better see how they might improve in the future.

This was an inspirational lesson which students thoroughly enjoyed whilst making excellent progress in their skill in sport. I was particularly impressed by Daniel Hadden, George Broom and Sophie Cheikh who demonstrated the tenacity and skill to become future champions in this difficult discipline.


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