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Reaching the top; which route?


I have just spent an exhilarating week walking in the lake district, there is nothing like completing a long walk, in difficult conditions to reach the summit of a hill. The climb to the top of a hill is a personal challenge, there are many routes to the top, some considered hard, some easy, you can race to the top or pace yourself; in the end though we all reach the same destination.

My favourite walk this week was to the summit of Blencathra, about 2500 ft high, in the past I chose to ascend via Blease fell a straight forward route up a grassy plain, this can be completed in just a couple of hours and is a pleasant walk. This time I chose ascend via Halls fell a considerably more interesting and challenging route, made even more so by a late fall of snow.

It was at times a difficult walk, with vertical climbs, patches of ice and times when I doubted we would make it to the top. The walk was made the more enjoyable and rewarding because of the company and support of Robert, an old friend who foolishly agreed to accompany me and help with map reading which is not my forte. The extra challenge of this route made reaching the summit even more rewarding and the views felt better as a result; the walk after all is about the journey and not simply the destination.

In many respects being a student at Catmose is similar, all students will reach year 11 and leave, the journey they will have taken however will be varied. There are a great number of students at Catmose who see their time here as more than simply getting to year 11 with a clutch of GCSEs, which although important are only one aspect of college life. I would suggest having a look at everything else on offer at the College; school trips, the house system, music, drama, sport, becoming a prefect or a member of the student council. There are so many ways to reach the summit at Catmose, the easiest one is not necessarily the most interesting or enjoyable. There are a few photos of the trip here.


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