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Trust; central to the Catmose way


Intrinsic to Catmose College is the way in which we trust our students. We believe that every student is an essential part of our community, that they share our high expectations for behaviour, want to achieve, are keen to try new things and most importantly support college staff and each other in their work.

We believe that students and staff working together create an excellent school, this can be best achieved through mutual respect based on the trust we have in each other. It is this foundation that helps our staff and students to enjoy excellent relationships.

We try to build mutual trust in many ways and are always looking to improve the way in which we do things:

  • Students are always involved in the appointment of new staff, they are important as any other part of our recruitment process;
  • All key changes to the College are discussed and agreed with the College’s student council before implementation. The Council have played a key role in shaping the new uniform, the electives programme and changes to the College day. We are currently working on improving the student diary and involving students in observing and commenting on the quality of learning taking place in lessons.
  • Senior students are invited to attend and contribute to the governing body of the College;
  • We do not exclude students from the College buildings during break and lunchtime. The new build takes this further by giving students open access to its computing facilities, classrooms, library and all other resources from early in the morning until the College closes.
  • We ask all students their views of the College, what we are doing well and what we need to improve. The results from this survey feed into our development planning process.

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