2014 Review of the year


We have completed another very busy and productive year at Catmose. We continually strive to offer a service that responds to the needs of each student both in and out of the classroom. In developing our provision this year we have seen a number of significant developments and achievements that are worth mentioning.

The College has offered the Duke of Edinburgh for a number of years, this year has however seen us achieve licensed centre status under the leadership of our chair of governors, Andrew Holt and DoE lead, Simon Mellors. We are now able lead on awarding bronze and silver award to Catmose students; with nearly half of year 9 enrolled alongside a year 10 silver award group this has already been a huge success.


In February this year, we achieved another first, performing on the stage at a public theatre, Phantom Love at the Curve in the Leicester. Written by Tracey Dene Powell, a local playwright, Matt Sammy our director of music and Leanne Mitchell, director of drama with our students brought this dramatic musical to life.


The performing arts team have since performed at local venues and of course we also celebrated Beauty and the Beast, a KS3 production and in the summer term, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The year culminated with the performing arts team performing a variety of act in Spain. http://www.catmosecollege.com/extra-curricular-drama


In March we celebrated world book day in some style with staff and students invited to dress as their favourite fictional character. http://www.catmosecollege.com/news/world-book-day


Trips and visits are central to life at Catmose and we encourage every student to take part in at least one every year in order that their education is broadened beyond the confines of the College. The list of experiences continues to grow and once again we have published a guide to parents to inform their choices. This year we have seen trips to Paris, Berlin, Benalmadena, Kingswood, Black country museum and the WW1 Battlefields. This extensive programme is led by Jude Macdonald but couldn’t happen without the support of so many staff who give their time to organise and lead them. http://www.catmosecollege.com/tripplanner


Sport is a considerable strength of the College with us regularly competing and winning in the local region. This year’s many successes culminated with the College once again winning the Rutland and Melton varsity completion. This is a year-long competition involving the full range of traditional winter and summer sports, this is the second year in the last three we have won this prestigious competition. Oliver Teasel has ably led the sports team once again to this accomplishment.


For a number of years, Sue McGrath has led our successful teams in the youth speaks and the English-speaking union public speaking competitions. This was our most successful year yet with both the junior and senior teams doing very well winning against the local grammar and independent school competition. http://www.catmosecollege.com/news/youth-speaks-teams-to-represent-college-at-finals


Beth Smith, leads our media team which has achieved national recognition this year by interviewing a number of international sports people and national politicians such as Michael Gove. They persuaded Mr Gove to not only pose for a ‘selfie’ with them but also were responsible for his rendition of a rap which featured on the front page of a number of national newspapers!




The wider Catmose Federation continues to prosper, we were designated as a National Support School, which will offer opportunities to support other schools within the local area who are in challenging circumstances. John Harrison, Vice Principal led a bid to be a Teaching School, which was successful, we will now be leading on the Rutland Teaching alliance which will bring high quality teacher training to the Rutland area.


We have also expanded our nursery provision by building a new pre-school provision on the Catmose Primary site. Catmose Primary also enjoyed excellent KS2 SAT outcomes and is now over-subscribed. Catmose Primary has also enjoyed significant expansion with an outside learning environment and new outside-play facilities to complement the internal refurbishment that has seen every aspect of the Primary building improved. Natalie Ray, the federation manager has done a tremendous job of leading our finance team and site team to carry out this work to an exceptionally high standard whilst providing very good value for money. http://www.catmoseprimary.com/nursery http://www.catmoseprimary.com/


Virginia Savage, Vice Principal has led the bid for Harington School, which if successful will be an academic free-school for students looking to study at the best universities. This has been a hugely significant piece of work that has the potential to transform the opportunities of not only Catmose students but those from the other Colleges in Rutland and wider afield. This will be an important piece of work that the Harington Trust which also involves UCC and Oakham School will lead on to create a much-needed local provision.


This year will see a continued emphasis on ensuring that our students enjoy high quality lessons, in particular that they are able to effectively act on the written feedback they receive to support their own development, that there are no impediments to them being able to do their best in every lesson, that homework effectively challenges them and that reading is something they regularly do in every subject area.

We will also see the Federation extend the College and if the bid is successful leading on making Harington School the sixth form of choice for Rutland and the local area.


Stuart Williams



Examination Results 2014

This year has seen Catmose students once again do themselves proud.  We have sustained the very high performance of last year with 67% of students achieving the key benchmark of 5 A* – C including English and Maths. This is particularly a strong result in a year which has seen a great deal of volatility due to the changes introduced at a national level.

A significant number of students achieved particularly high results with nearly 30 gaining at least 7 GCSEs at grades A or A*.

Alexander, William | Barsby, Duncan | Bent, Joseph | Clark, Lewis | Cliff, Samuel | Evans, Mollie | Farr, Georgia | Firth, Eleanor | Fish, Simon | Frost, Sophia | Goddard, Amber | Gray, Rebecca | Grimes, George | Hall, Natalie | Jackson, Annalise | Loxton, Ellie | Marshall, Isla | Mistry, Shivani | Newman, Kieren | Noble, James | Orgee, Rachel | Pople, Heather | Roberts, Olivia | Simpson, Chloe | Topping, Niamh.

In addition over a third of students achieved at least 3 GCSEs at A or A* level.

Ashfield, James| Bell, Charlotte | Berrie, Ruth | Betts, Joshua | Buckle, Emily | Case, Robert | Charlton, Jenna-Marie | Day, Adam | Freckingham, Robyn | Gordon, Kirah | Green, Hannah | Hardy, Tamara | Harris, Georgia | Horne, Francesca | Jeffries, Lucy | Kennard Kettle, Francesca | Ludlam, Evie | Lyons, Tobias | Miller, Joseph | Newman, Katie | Nicoll, Conor | North, Emily | Patel, Davina | Pickworth, Alicia | Poole, Jacob | Purse, Daniel | Riley, Amiee | Riordan, Kate | Tinkler, Olivia | Wells, Hannah |Window, Katie.

These students have worked incredibly hard and were able to attain such a high level because of the support they received from College staff and their families. With 27 % of all results being at A or A*, this has been a particularly successful year for our more able students.


New Intake 2014 – presentation

We welcomed our new year 7 to the College yesterday, they had an amazing day getting to know each other and working together as  a team. In the evening I welcomed their parents and discussed how they can help their child get the most from their time at Catmose. The slides from this are available here:


The College website is www.catmosecollege.com and facebook page is www.facebook.com/catmosecollege.

Our ethos: behaviour and exclusions

As Year 11 leave and we look forward to welcoming a new group of students into Year 7, it is a good opportunity to reflect on the ethos at the College, in particular our approach to managing behaviour.

We believe that students who attend Catmose want to come to college, work hard, learn new things, contribute to their community and enjoy themselves. We know that you also share this expectation. We manage the College on the principle that Catmose students can be trusted, that is why there are no locked doors; students are able to attend from 8:00 am every morning and stay late, they can use any of our facilities including computers, pianos, the library and any others without the need for direct supervision because we trust them to do so.  In dealing with students we believe that we should treat them as we wish to be treated ourselves, by staff leading by example, queuing with students, dressing smartly, working hard and making every individual matter.

We have an ethos that is centred on mutual respect and developing an appreciation of what each and every one of us contributes to the College community, for some this will be through their academic studies, for others it will be through volunteering, joining sports teams, contributing to music or drama, supporting trips and visits, helping out at progress evening or open evening. We know that students who contribute to the wider life of the College are happier, behave better and ultimately achieve more than those who simply go to lessons.

I would not want you to get the wrong impression however, poor behaviour is not tolerated at the College, a student disrupting the learning of others or intolerance towards others is unacceptable.  On each and every occasion, action is taken to address the behaviour of the individual causing concern, including parental engagement, and is reinforced by sanctions which ultimately if not responded to by the student will lead to permanent exclusion.  I will seriously consider permanently excluding students if they have not responded to support and continue to disrupt lessons or undermine our ethos.

There are also a number of significant behavioural issues which will lead to serious consideration of permanent exclusion for a one-off incident, even if the student concerned has not been in any prior difficulty.  The sorts of offences that could lead to this are: supplying an illegal drug, serious actual or threatened violence, carrying an offensive weapon, bullying (including that which is racially motivated), sexual abuse or assault.  We are fortunate that instances of such serious behaviour are almost unheard of at Catmose, however I will not hesitate to use this sanction if I feel the safety and well-being of students is undermined.

I know you will want to know that these matters are dealt with quickly and taken seriously by me and the College; please be assured that they are.  Details will always be kept confidential between the College and family concerned.  I will not allow the College to be anything but the safe and happy school I want for my own children and that I know you want for yours.

We apply this approach to students in College and in any circumstance that they could be in any way associated with this community; they don’t stop being a Catmose student when they exit the turnstiles each day.  I encourage you to read our polices on these matters which can be accessed at: http://www.catmosecollege.com/policies; Behaviour Management can be found in the folder entitled ‘College’ and Exclusions in the folder entitled ‘Federation’.

This approach works for the vast majority of our students; we are one of the highest performing schools nationally for student attendance, exclusions are very low and the progress students make is exceptional. I continue to be immensely proud of each and every achievement of our students, in and beyond the classroom, and make no apologies for celebrating them at every opportunity in order that Oakham and our wider community can also share just how wonderful the diverse talents of our students are.

If you would like to discuss our ethos and approach to managing student behaviour I would be very pleased to meet or arrange a time to speak on the telephone, this can be arranged via my PA Sophie Dawson (sdawson@catmosecollege.com and 01572 770066).  If you feel there is an issue that has not been addressed I would also welcome an email to highlight the issue to me; we can only get better if you let us know there is a problem.

The Prom 2014

We had an amazing evening at the Prom on Thursday night; students arrived in style, warmly welcomed by hundreds of parents, family and staff. It was a pleasure to speak to so many of them on the evening and to catch one last photo of students who have been wonderful ambassadors for the Catmose community.

Introducing our new Head boy and girl, William and Francesca

Originally posted on Catmose Principal:
Each year I look forward to the process by which the senior students of the College will be chosen, it gives me a great opportunity to get to know better some of our most able and talented students. The process by which they are selected is rigorous, to apply they…

Beauty and the Beast; sneak preview

I was lucky enough to watch the College’s latest production beauty and the beast this afternoon alongside invited guests from local primary schools. It was, as ever, astounding to watch our students perform to such a high standard. That so many students take part both front and back of house is great to see. We are fortunate to have so many staff who give so much of their own time to make these shows happen. If you haven’t already do ensure you order your tickets from the College; there are only a very few remaining!



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